Sunday, January 17, 2021

leaving out the parts no one needs to know

 Gus was on her phone searching for jobs. She heard a sound on her phone, but it wasn't for messages. Maybe she'd heard back through an e-mail. She knew the chances were slim.

Mattos was waiting for her patiently to get into bed. He was holding a boardbook as if he were reading it on his own. She looked over at him as if he could read her mind.

"Just one more minute," She'd be up way before the crack of down to get down to the motel for housekeeping and then she'd be at the foodtruck before lunch. In recent week, she'd made a home in the old camp trailer out back of the foodtruck guy's house where he and his wife lived.

She looked back at her phone. Someone actually e-mailed her, but it wasn't about a job.

She squinted when she found out it was from Austin. Actually, she felt light-headed yet didn't have any intentions to reply. Except, he wasn't really that far away.

Gus never expected Austin to actually be in Austin, Texas. Would it be too soon to reply? Well, she couldn't think of a better time, even if someone was eying her over his board book to come to bed.

"Un momento," she promised with her forefinger held high.

Wow, (she couldn't believe she wrote that, but she didn't care because she doubted he wrote back). Funny, hearing from you. I know we live in such crazy times, right?

I'm doing good. (She thought it best to leave out Mattos and leaving Mattos' father. Actually, he'd left her before Mattos was even born). I'm between Austin and San Antonio.

I doubt you'd know me anymore. (She almost laughed tears. She didn't want him to see her. Not like this. Not a single mother trying to make ends meet.)

You be careful. Stay well.


She sent the e-mail. Put the phone on DO NOT DISTURB and got in the bed in the back of the trailer and cuddled Mattos. Of course, she thought she might cry herself sick. But she knew she couldn't.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Just in case you might read this

 Austin knew it was a long shot, but his old friend, Augustine from high school was still in his contacts. Of course, her phone number was long gone now, but maybe by chance she still used the same yahoo account. Funny, how seeing a stranger while in traffic made him think of her. Maybe it was a good omen. But with the pandemic going on, he thought he would take his chance. Just maybe they could reconnect again.

Dear Gus:

Guess who? I know, you are probably thinking I don't know this guy.

Remember how we used to say we would only stay in contact. No matter what. In spite of grumpy grandmothers and going to different universities.

Yeah, I know it was just my grandmother. And no, I didn't stay married long. I should have told you years ago, but I was hoping you might have found your own happiness and we are just history from high school. 

But I do remember you and you were the best part of growing up in a little rural place with only one gas station. I hope you are well.

I'm in Austin now where I was born.