Monday, May 31, 2010

because I can

At least Colin had a few things going for him.

1. he got to stay in Needy's room.
2. he was there for Needy's mom during her breakdown.
3. he was restoring his good name.

Naturally, it seemed to take forever to get to see Needy, again. She would be going to the mental hospital soon.

"What are you doing here?" Not exactly what he was hoping to hear when he did get his chance to see her down at the jail.

"What do you mean? What am I doing here?" He winced a bit hurt. He could have been at home, but no he was there for her mother if no one else was.

"You shouldn't have come." Needy was so adamant.

"Why not?" Colin was about the break the news about this whole Jennifer matter. He's seen what a monster she was, yet could it possibly happen to him or Needy too. They had been bitten. He was still having nightmares and everyday he was noticing the incredible strength pulsing through him. He just didn't know what to do with it, other than hide it.

"I don't need you." She told him over the phone behind the glass.

This really made Colin gnash his teeth. He was really afraid he might turn right then into something horrible, but he managed to keep his cool.

"I don't believe you." He glared at her. He could be just as cold as her, but in his mind, he knew she loved him. Had loved. Would love him. They would find a way to go on. Some how.

"You didn't sleep with her, did you?" Needy said out of the blue.

"What?" Colin winced. "What are you talking about?"

"My mom." She looked as if she might lose it.

"What drugs do they have you on? Of course not." He scowled. Just the thought made him cringe. "She's a bit mental. Honestly, not that bad off."

"How else could she let you stay?" Needy was worked up about this.

"Because she knows how important you are to me. I want the world to know what Jennifer is. Was. You know." Colin sighed.

"No, don't do it. You can't. If-if it gets out, then they'll know what we are. All right. Do you understand?" She gave him the most evil look that she'd hate him forever if he did this.

She had him shaking, slightly. He tried to nod. Maybe he did.

"Just stay put." She told him.

"But I need you." He winced, hoping she'd need him one day too.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

unraveling the pieces

"Who in the hell are you?" Her mom looked at him as he'd better get the hell out of her way.

"I- I-" Colin winced hard. "I had to see Needy. I'm-I'm just a friend."

"OK." Her mom said dully.

"I could make you coffee." Colin said nervously. Yeah, coffee. That's what they needed. Something to help them gather their thoughts. He hurried past her to the kitchen, and worked quickly and carefully with the coffee machine. If there was one thing Colin could do was make a damn good cup of coffee.

As it was, he could see her mother was still in shock. At this rate, maybe he could move in. Take care of her. Live in Needy's room.

He bit his bottom lip wondering if she'd get suspicious. Or...what if her mom wanted his body. Suddenly cold chills came over him.

"Shit." He said under his breath at the thought of her mother wanting, needing him in ways he could not bare. He scowled then. He looked up to see her more of a zombie, than anything. He could manage a zombie. Maybe. Hopefully.

"So is she-"

"Those bastards are treating her like a criminal!" It just seemed weird listening to her say these things in a local police uniform.

"OK." The coffee just couldn't brew fast enough.

"I always wanted my little girl to stand up for herself." The way she talked it was as if he wasn't even there.

"Yeah." Colin slightly shook. Finally, he poured the coffee. Set out the milk and sugar. Just in case. "You OK? Do you think they'd let me see her?" Colin nervously set down and stared at the frail little woman. It was all so sad. He didn't know what to do.

"What for?" Her mother just glared at him. So empty.

"Uh, uh, she's-she's like my best friend." Colin couldn't help but let the tears well up in his eyes.

"They think she's mental, you know."

"Well, that could be a good thing. Maybe." Colin found his sentence quit in mid air. He could hardly finish it. "Just let me stay, will you. Please?" Colin gulped. But Needy's mom sat there saying nothing. It was as if the life she knew had been knocked out of her.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I feel your pain

When Colin awoke, daylight creeped threw the windows. It was warm and cozy. When he reached for Needy, she wasn't there. He clenched his hands then, squinting hard. Had it all been a dream?

God, why had he slept through the rest of it. He looked around at the four walls as if they were caving in on him. He looked at the ceiling wishing he knew how he could have stopped her. But he couldn't. It was a well thought out plan without him. It was a bitterness he didn't want to swallow.

Colin lifted himself up on his elbows and looked around. Wasn't he suppose to know what had happened? What was going on? The house was silent. It was sickening.

Yes, he was very aware now how it pulsed through him. He was a bit of a monster just as Needy was. All because of Jennifer. But it wasn't until he stood up. He thought he might stagger back and pass out. The rush hit him. Needy had done it this time. She had done the unthinkable.

Colin blinked. His throat was parched. How could she have gone to Jennifer's alone? Colin's eyes blinked tears. He knew. He knew exactly what had happened. He grimace the pain. Feeling handcuffs binding his wrists, just like the pain she must feel. Right now. Being locked up.

Colin shook his head. Time was wasting. He had to find Needy. He needed to go to her. Now. Suddenly, he felt a race to get down at the jail. Or maybe he should go by Jennifer's now. No, it was too late for that. He was too late! Goddamn it!

He felt so ugly now. He was nothing. No help at all to Needy. None what so ever. It was as if she had a plan without him. It was like her destiny. He guessed. But as he climbed into his T-shirt and jeans, he knew Needy wasn't finished yet.

If only, he could fly out the window like a bat of some kind. His head was spinning about what to do next. And then as he was about to fly down the stairs, he met Needy's Mom, head on, at the front door.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Colin didn't want to let go. He wanted this to last. He wanted to feel this forever.

Selfish, he supposed. How come it was always that way? Their timing was all wrong. Wasn't it? Always something to do with Jennifer. Then Chip. He felt horrible about what happen to him, and she didn't need to be alone. Always, the friend, he guessed.

"I just wish you could come away with me," he whispered in Needy's ear. Naturally, she shook her head, no.

"There's something I have to do." She looked him in the eye then, and he sensed it would be something she wouldn't tell him.

"No, you can't." He felt as if he was reading her mind. She was going to do something to Jennifer.

"I can't help it. I have to. You can't stop me." She pulled away from him.

"Let me help you." He winced.

She shook her head, again. And he wished he could kiss her, but all he could do was hold her. Wait for the hole to heal in her heart. He guessed he'd have too. He knew her mind was reeling with thoughts of Chip not him. So close, but so far away. Even in her bed.

And then she looked at him as if she might cry, but then she kissed him as if this might be the last time she ever kissed anyone.

Colin did his best not to be shocked. He went with it. Where ever this was going. Like a last chance. She wanted him as if she might feel again what was already lost. He smiled. Everything felt new when she touched him.