Sunday, April 18, 2010

unraveling the pieces

"Who in the hell are you?" Her mom looked at him as he'd better get the hell out of her way.

"I- I-" Colin winced hard. "I had to see Needy. I'm-I'm just a friend."

"OK." Her mom said dully.

"I could make you coffee." Colin said nervously. Yeah, coffee. That's what they needed. Something to help them gather their thoughts. He hurried past her to the kitchen, and worked quickly and carefully with the coffee machine. If there was one thing Colin could do was make a damn good cup of coffee.

As it was, he could see her mother was still in shock. At this rate, maybe he could move in. Take care of her. Live in Needy's room.

He bit his bottom lip wondering if she'd get suspicious. Or...what if her mom wanted his body. Suddenly cold chills came over him.

"Shit." He said under his breath at the thought of her mother wanting, needing him in ways he could not bare. He scowled then. He looked up to see her more of a zombie, than anything. He could manage a zombie. Maybe. Hopefully.

"So is she-"

"Those bastards are treating her like a criminal!" It just seemed weird listening to her say these things in a local police uniform.

"OK." The coffee just couldn't brew fast enough.

"I always wanted my little girl to stand up for herself." The way she talked it was as if he wasn't even there.

"Yeah." Colin slightly shook. Finally, he poured the coffee. Set out the milk and sugar. Just in case. "You OK? Do you think they'd let me see her?" Colin nervously set down and stared at the frail little woman. It was all so sad. He didn't know what to do.

"What for?" Her mother just glared at him. So empty.

"Uh, uh, she's-she's like my best friend." Colin couldn't help but let the tears well up in his eyes.

"They think she's mental, you know."

"Well, that could be a good thing. Maybe." Colin found his sentence quit in mid air. He could hardly finish it. "Just let me stay, will you. Please?" Colin gulped. But Needy's mom sat there saying nothing. It was as if the life she knew had been knocked out of her.


knk said...

sounds cool

Ivyoaks said...


Natalie731 said...

Oh please continue this. There's not enough hype about Colin Gray. We need more and definitely in the form of fanfic. :)

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

her mother seems interesting? A little depressed though.

NikkiMilke said...

I love it.
Please continue with it :) It's really good so far.
And Colin Gray, well Kyle Gallner in general, is amazing! :)

Haley B.(saylorsoul) said...

I watched Jennifer's Body last ngiht and later had a dream about Colin Gray....and now, instantly, I'm obsessed. I love him in his goth character lol, please add more to this :)