Saturday, February 20, 2010

I feel your pain

When Colin awoke, daylight creeped threw the windows. It was warm and cozy. When he reached for Needy, she wasn't there. He clenched his hands then, squinting hard. Had it all been a dream?

God, why had he slept through the rest of it. He looked around at the four walls as if they were caving in on him. He looked at the ceiling wishing he knew how he could have stopped her. But he couldn't. It was a well thought out plan without him. It was a bitterness he didn't want to swallow.

Colin lifted himself up on his elbows and looked around. Wasn't he suppose to know what had happened? What was going on? The house was silent. It was sickening.

Yes, he was very aware now how it pulsed through him. He was a bit of a monster just as Needy was. All because of Jennifer. But it wasn't until he stood up. He thought he might stagger back and pass out. The rush hit him. Needy had done it this time. She had done the unthinkable.

Colin blinked. His throat was parched. How could she have gone to Jennifer's alone? Colin's eyes blinked tears. He knew. He knew exactly what had happened. He grimace the pain. Feeling handcuffs binding his wrists, just like the pain she must feel. Right now. Being locked up.

Colin shook his head. Time was wasting. He had to find Needy. He needed to go to her. Now. Suddenly, he felt a race to get down at the jail. Or maybe he should go by Jennifer's now. No, it was too late for that. He was too late! Goddamn it!

He felt so ugly now. He was nothing. No help at all to Needy. None what so ever. It was as if she had a plan without him. It was like her destiny. He guessed. But as he climbed into his T-shirt and jeans, he knew Needy wasn't finished yet.

If only, he could fly out the window like a bat of some kind. His head was spinning about what to do next. And then as he was about to fly down the stairs, he met Needy's Mom, head on, at the front door.

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