Friday, November 6, 2009

what in the world now

"Yes." Colin didn't think he could pull it off. He didn't really want to pull it off, but he feared for his life at the moment. He could play long. He would. Yes. He'd have to act a bit.
"Patty, this doesn't sound like you," he said.
"It doesn't?" Colin looked around wondering what the hell to say next. He thought he knew everyone that was anyone to Patrick. "Well, I haven't felt all that well."
"Yeah, I know, I heard about that kid at your school. How many have there been?" He asked.
"Too many to count, actually." Colin winced. Not so sure where this was going. Who in the hell was this?
"If you know what's good for you, come over.We could lay really low, until this blow over." He told him.
"Yeah, that would be tight. Absolutely."
"Absolutely." There was something in his voice that Colin found a little odd. Not sure what it was.
"So come over." It was settled.
"Where?" Colin was sure the guy was catching on.
"Holy shit, Patty, were we ever high that much?" Laughter filled the phone.
"I kind of think we were." Colin smiled.
"Dude! You don't even remember my name, do you?"
"Dude!" What the fuck was he suppose to add to that?
"Christ, Patty, its Evan!"
"Oh." Still meant nothing to Colin even if he tried to sound that it did. He gave Colin his address then.
"Just get your ass over here."
"Well, I'm kind of out of state, you know." Colin told him. "But I'll be there. Soon." Colin had no where else to go.


Ivyoaks said... last someone to converse with.

Raigan said...

oooo it should be interesting to see how this goes! hope school isn't keeping you too tied down and you still have time for fun!