Sunday, November 22, 2009

Done all wrong

Colin was truck'n back to Devil’s Kettle, hoping he wouldn't get a ticket. Maybe Evan would make sense of this. Maybe everything would be over with Jennifer. Maybe everything would be normal, again.

But he tuned into the radio. Havoc was still happening. Something awful had happened at the school. Another body.

Colin's eyes tensed.

"Shit." He bit his bottom lip. What was he supposed to do now? How would he find Needy? Could he help? Should he help? So he drove to her house first. No one was home. He sneaked in her bedroom window to wait for her.

Naturally, there was a collage of photos of her and Chip. He was a bit envious of their open love. What about their moment together?

Had it been completely one sided? Did he mean nothing to her?

Colin hated this feeling because it cut into his chest as if she'd had a boxcutter in her hand and had ripped him open. Colin paced, deciding he'd dig through her drawers, under her bed. Anywhere, hoping he did exist to her, somehow. Hadn't she needed him at one time?

All that creative writing, together. The graphic novel they'd put on hold. Their creative baby, so to speak. He'd drawn most of the stuff. She'd lent more than a laugh and inspiration. It so amazing. What had happened to that?

It was in the underwear drawer, he found the picture of them together. She'd been smiling. Yes, she'd kept the pictures of their times together. Even if it had only been over the summer. He looked around her room. He knew her so well.

He sprayed cheap Jean Nate' in the air from her dresser and knew it even smelled more refreshing when she wore it. He couldn't help but smile.

Suddenly, he heard the front door fling open, steps coming up the stairs. All he knew to do was to hide in Needy's closet.


Milo Zelenko said...

I love Colin Gray, and the concept of NeedyxColin in a fan fic is awsome! I've really enjoyed reading this so far. Can't wait for the next chapter :)

colin gray said...

Thanks so much Milo. Yeah, I love his character from the movie. He was one of my favorites and well..thats why I was inspired.

Thanks again.