Thursday, October 8, 2009

only a matter of time

Colin wasn't so sure what to do now. Stash the car, get rid of everything. Become someone new. Was that she was asking him to do? And to forget about her. Completely.

It was a shock to him. She was mad at him, wasn't she? Yeah, he knew what she was thinking. He was just trying to come between her and her drummer boy boyfriend. That's what it really was.

He clutched on to his crucifix tightly. He was going to have change, wasn't he?

"Its for your own good." He remembered her saying.

So he drove. He kept driving until he was lost. Maybe he was in Minnesota. He didn't know where in the hell he was. But he found the cheapest motel he could find. It was time to make his transformation. He supposed.

He had to stop questioning Needy and just do it. Clean up his act. He supposed. Even though, he didn't want too. He promised himself it was just temporary as he turned on the shower and jerked his smelly clothes off. Really, it was great to get under the hot water and clean himself up. He washed the black out of his hair. The eyeliner too. When was the last time, he'd ever been this naked?

And when got out of the shower, he looked himself over in the mirror. He wasn't quite sure what he was looking at. Definitely, not Colin. Some other guy. Someone who was nothing. He felt completely nothing, right now. And when he touched his shoulder, he remembered how tender it had felt. And the pain struck through him, straight to the heart. Maybe he did have a little demon in him, after all.


the oaks said...

I liked this one..even if I do feel sad for him.

fan fic said...

oh, so misunderstood.

meg said...


elliestories said...

Thanks Meg..appreciate that.

Raigan said...

Poor kid having to go through all that change. I hope he doesn't lose too much of himself.

Thanks for your comment, it helped me a lot!
and that's so true about how if he knew he probably wouldn't of done it...I just wish people could see another way out sometimes


Raigan said...

hope all is well! cannot wait to see how the story comes along :)