Friday, October 2, 2009

all alone in an empty room

Needy made it sound as if he should go on a vacation or something. But he thought of his Dad, and Colin couldn't help but cry a little. He was really sentimental. He was more than that. Not so dark, really.

It was just he didn't know if he could live without black nail polish. And each thing he wore or carried with him, meant something to him. The crucifix stayed with him. He'd found it on the street. It was a comfort to him. After all, he was a pagan at heart.There was the black and red Harry Potter scarf that Lizzy had made him. A fan of his Harry Potter fan fiction where Ron always won.

And of course, his lip ring. He'd wanted to put a hole under his bottom lip some day, even if his Dad had prohibited it. He was waiting for the day when he would be in college and get gages in his ears. He took his piercing seriously. Needy wanted him to forget these things. He didn't know if he could.

While he was thinking these things where he'd taken his nap in the bedroom downstairs not so far from the kitchen, someone ripped through the backdoor. Immediately, Colin was afraid. He felt like an idiot being here in this secluded place. He didn't know what to expect. Should he hide or just try to leave?

What was he waiting for?

Run. Yes, Run for his life. Get in his car and go. That was a plan. Just to escape. But before he could manage to open the bedroom window, some one found him. And he had a shotgun.

Colin's eyes were open wide. And he knew this might be the end. An old man with a guy wanting to shoot a trespasser.

Colin wanted to explain. He really did. But instinct took over. Colin kicked the old man instantly and watched him fly across the livingroom in to the old window.

Colin was shaking. He didn't know if he should be happy or mad, but he took off to his car. No way in hell was he sticking around. And where had this power inside him came from?


simon n josh said...

That's cool.

Raigan said...

aw poor colin! I hope he doesn't have to hurt too many people, or himself, with all these changes that have to be coming!

ugh weather! missouri temperatures change at the drop of a hat, it's really annoying. It also makes my skin really freak out, yeah, u really have just got to love it :P

hope you had a great weekend!