Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wild boys never chose this way

Colin woke up with a hangover. He guessed that's what it was. It was hard to say. At least he wasn't bleeding. He didn't think, anyway. Of course, he wasn't even sure if he was breathing. What was this feeling? He wasn't drunk. He wasn't high. He had just fled on adrenaline and still he felt infected. Like a bad flu that left him in a sweat.

After the horrific moment, he got in his car and drove like a mad man out of town, listening to Duran Duran's Wild Boys. He was going to get as far from that thing as he could. But now when he thought about it, maybe it was just a bad dream. That's what it was.

He'd never really liked Jennifer, anyway. She was so shallow and how awful she treated Anita. Calling her Needy all the time. And now that's all they called her. Needy. He didn't know how many times he wanted to save Needy somehow, but she had Chip and well, he hoped Chip would turn her around and forget the Bitch from hell, Jennifer.

But then again. Jennifer was so haute and would probably give it up to anyone. Now wouldn't she? He wasn't sure if he wanted to know. And yet, well, for creative purposes he thought he might be a one time voyeur. As it was, he'd walked on that day when Jennifer almost asked him out. She was really such a stupid slut. He'd had a good laugh about it, but then when he heard from his Emo pal Patrick that she really needed some company that night. He was skeptical.

"Are you really sure you really want to skank a skank, like that?" But then again, Patrick was in to torture, now wasn't he? She'd probably bring along sex toys and do things Colin would never imagine.

"I can take it, and you know it." Patrick had said with a sneer who dressed a lot like Colin, who looked a good bit like him too. People often thought they were twins, but what they didn't know, well, Patrick stepped it up a notch with the cutting and what not. Really, Colin felt like such a wimp around him. He'd rather be writing. Usually, alone. Wishing, Needy would forget Jennifer. Chip too.

But then Colin thought he'd follow Patrick that night. Just see how much Patrick could take. Big mistake. And that was the night he saw what Jennifer could do. And she almost devoured Colin too. Almost. But he guessed she was full of Patrick. Colin got away with just a bite on the shoulder. And now, he felt like shit.


Ivyoaks said...


maxxie and tony said...

I really like it. This should be fun.

Cait said...

wow..I just watched that movie this week.

the oaks said...

Full of Patrick..made me laugh..I confess.

Can't wait for more.

Raigan said...

damn im seeing the movie tonight now! haha not even kidding! I can't wait for that to actually make sense to me!

happy weekend!


Raigan said...

my best friend and i drooled over colin and freaked when she killed him! oh my gosh that movie was great! so glad i was convinced to go!