Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a natural course of things

"Shit." He said under his breath. Just his luck it was Jennifer who was ready to finish him off. He shivered then. He couldn't make the phone number. "Who is this?"

"Its all right. I wanted to know if you were OK." The sweet female voice said.

"Needy?" He winced.

"Everyone thinks you're dead." She told him.

"What? Shit, its Patrick." Colin sighed.

"No one seems to remember him," she said. "Everyone always thought he was you. And you know how you got published in Goth Rot and the Dark Chronicals. So you know, he doesn't even play in band and well, he's a nobody."

"So what are you telling me?" Colin cringed. "I should call home?"

"No," Needy said. "Where are you?"

He tried to explain it.

"Just stay there til this all blows over, you know." Needy told him he'd be safer there than at Devil's Kettle.

"OK." He shrugged. "Do you have a plan?"

"Well, I've been to the library and, it seems Jennifer was in a scarifice gone wrong. She's not a virgin."

"That explains everything, doesn't it?" Colin shook his head, thinking that's how all this craziness started.

"She's just a demon now, eating boys. High school boys." She explained.

"Well, how come I keep seeing her victims in my dreams?" He wanted to know.

"Did she bite you?"

"Yeah." Colin admitted. "I was there when she got Patrick. Is something wrong with me?"

"Don't worry," Needy sounded hopeful. "Its not the end the world. We'll figure something out."

"We will?" Colin squinted.

"Just stay out of sight. Maybe you should, you know, change your look. Be normal as you can be. I promise I'll find you when this over. I have to save Chip. I have this feeling she's coming for him. And, I just have to keep him away from her."

"But I could help." Colin promised. "You're my best friend."

"Really?" Needy sounded surprised. "Chip's my best friend, you know that, Colin."

"Of course." Colin nodded. "Just be careful. OK?"

"I will." She sounded so certain. "You're gonna be OK, Colin."

Colin hoped she was right, but he knew already he wasn't who he used to be.

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