Monday, September 28, 2009

in dreams

The coffee didn't help. Colin was so sleepy. He ached for sleep. He could hardly hold his eyes open. Maybe he'd lost too much blood. He didn't think he had. But he didn't really know. He didn't even feel like checking in the car to see how much of a blood bath there was. It was nothing compared to Patrick. In fact there was hardly anything left of him. But then, Colin hadn't exactly waited around to see for sure. He'd ran. Ran like a scared litte thing, he supposed. And now he could hardly hold his head up. A part of him wanted to look from some sort of speed left behind.

Honestly, he was straight edge. Through and through. That's what he'd like so much about Needy. Really, she was perfect. Round glasses and all. But she had Chip. How that happened. He still didn't know. And how he became friends with her still surprised him.

He guessed it was the writing. It was a shock to know she even liked that sort of thing. And well, he hated to admit it, but she was one of his biggest fans. He guessed he was her biggest fan too. But then there was Jennifer. What sort of hold did that bitch have over Needy? Even as he fell in to slumber, he still wondered just what it was. Exactly. Did Needy know what Jennifer had become? Was this her new thrill?

When he dreamed though, it was so alive like he was there, not here. He saw what Jennifer had done to the other victims. He just couldn't shake it. And they were still there like the walking dead in his head. Even Patrick.

"You look like shit, Col." Patrick told him who was blue now and so hideous.

"Yeah, well, you look like shit too." Colin wasn't sure if this was sleep or not. Where was Needy? He needed her. He wanted to reach out to her. Why did he have to be haunted by this sad sort. "Can you tell me! Where am I! What am I suppose to do!"

But they just stared at him without an answer. Just blood dripping. Still dripping. Oozing. Colin felt helpless. "Tell me what am I suppose to do!"

When he awoke he was levitating several feet off the mattress. It was unbelievable. And then his cell rang. He answered it. Thankfully, he hit the mattress as if it were one of those falling dreams and he awoke completely before he hit the ground.

"You're not dead."


selena st.john said...

this is really interesting.
it's great that you picked Colin for the fanfic.
he's hot. :)

the oaks said...

I loved the last line.